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Professor Layton RP Group

Welcome to the PLRPHQ!
Founder: Spartan-142

Admin: ciaossuu

CoAdmins: Ducky-von-Karma

Disclaimer: These characters in this project (except the OCs) do not belong to us. They all belong to Level-5. We're role-playing Professor Layton/Layton Kyouju characters just for fun!

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[new from ciaossuu]
Please welcome Nigel-of-the-Herzens!


We're listed under:
The Official Club for Role Play at DeviantART

:community: Members

:iconassistant-luke: :iconlegal-luke: :iconsweetheart-sophia: :iconprofessor-layton: :iconmiss--flora: :iconllantonll: :iconnigel-of-the-herzens:

OC Members

:dead: Terminated Accounts
These accounts are not a part of this RP group anymore:
Due to inactivity:

Given up accounts:


:? How do I join?

1. Choose a character from the “remaining characters” list (below).
2. Send me a note (please type a subject like this: "Application: Dahlia", (it will help me to categorize the notes) filling out the form below:

    a) Which character do you want?:
    b) Why do you want to role-play as this character?:
    c) Do you really think that you can role-play this character?:
    d) Show me (please write a monologue (it should be a paragraph, meaning 4 or 5 lines at least), any subject will be accepted):
    e) How many times a week you think you could check your comments?:
    f) Do you agree with the rules? (Yes/No):
    g) Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to role-play as?:

3. Please do not create an account before receiving the note telling that you’re in (You’ll also get your icon at this point, if you don't, it'll be sent to your RP account soon.)
4. Once you’re in, don’t forget to submit an introduction journal. Remaining confidential or mentioning your regular account is up to you. Oh yeah, please let me know your account actually exists, whether or not through a note, or a comment on this page, or else I won't add you.

P.S.: You don’t have to list all RP accounts, more and more people keep joining us and if you list them in your journal you’ll have to update often. I’m doing this job for everyone, updating the account list as frequently as I can, so you can just put a link for the Headquarters.

P.P.S.: Just as a precaution, I'll tell you what I'm searching for in your monologue. I want to see whether or not you can portray the character's personality correctly, and whether or not you use proper grammer. :)

:target: RULES: For Canon Characters

1.You should stay in character to give characters more realistic aura.
2. Only official pairings are allowed! (Even though there are none XD) You can mention the others but please don’t let it be too obvious. (ex. One character can have a crush on another.)
3. Keep the accounts active! Let’s say, how does “at least once every two weeks” sound? If I do call you on inactivity, and you have been active, please provide a link to the thread that you've been active on, as proof of activity.
4. If you’re going on a hiatus, please inform people by mentioning it in your journal. Don’t forget to tell how long you will be gone.
5. Please be nice to others, don’t use slang.
6. Since there are less characters in this series than the AA series, each person may only have one RP account from this series. But, for now I'll allow more. As the group gets more popular, people with more than two canon accounts will be asked to give up one.
7. Please remember to use correct grammar. Punctuation, and capitalization are included. Also, don't forget to correct any misspelled words that dA's spell check has notified you of.


:handshake: Affiliate(s)
If you want to be an affiliate too, send us a note!

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:icongsrp-da: :icontwewyrp-da: :iconluminousrp-da: :iconkhrrp-da: :iconmotherrp-da: :iconohshcrp-da: :iconkhrp-da: :icondothackrp-da: :iconpkmnrp-da: :iconnmhrp-da: :iconocrp-da: :iconshkrp-da: :iconpsohrp-da: :iconfe7rp-da: :iconrgurp-da: :icongac-rp: :iconsthrp-da: :iconluminousrp-da: :iconsmtrp-da: :iconphantasystarrp-da:

Professor Layton MSN RP Group


Journal style taken off of GSRP-DA.

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:'C Buhhh dead group? Shame.
This also happened with the Kirby-RPdA
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It's alright ._. I feel the RP is a little.... em- inactive(?) .w.
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